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Wyatt Lackey

About Wyatt Lackey

Social media personality who gained a fanbase thanks to his live broadcasts on the network YouNow. He can be found on the platform under the name TheWyattLackey.

Early life

He first started broadcasting on YouNow in the summer of 2014. The first thing he ever tweeted read “@kaylahenryy that moment when Kayla Henry follows you on Twitter!”


He went live on YouNow for 24 straight hours beginning on July 21, 2015. 

Family of Wyatt Lackey

He was born in Georgia alongside his brother Brody. He is openly gay. 

Close associates of Wyatt Lackey

He and Hunter Rowland both became best-known for their YouNow broadcasts.

Hayley Dee

About Hayley Dee

Aspiring singer and musician who has found a significant audience on the live broadcasting network YouNow. She uses the hashtag #singing to be found on YouNow. She is also popular on Twitter with over 50,000 followers.

Early life

She was a competitive figure skater for seven years. She first began posting music to her YouTube channel as early as 2009. She used to post 6-second covers to Vine but became inactive on the app in December of 2014.


She became a self-taught guitarist, drummer and pianist. She reached the semi-finals of New Jersey Idol, an event held at the Watchung Arts Center.

Family of Hayley Dee

She grew up surrounded by musical inspirations as her father was a professional drummer and her mother was a music lover. She graduated from North Hunterdon High School in Annandale, New Jersey.

Close associates of Hayley Dee

Her YouTube channel includes the popular video “Cameron Dallas proposing to me!” Her inspirations include Ariana Grande, Carrie Underwood, Justin Bieber, and Bruno Mars.

Evie Yannakidis

About Evie Yannakidis

Editor s choice on YouNow who is popular on TikTok as well, with over 50,000 fans. She is well known online as eviewhy.

Early life

She graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in media production in 2015.


She worked as a production assistant on various television commercials for companies such as Tim Hortons, Home Depot, Shock Top, Volkswagen, and Taco Bell.

Family of Evie Yannakidis

She has both a brother and a sister.

Close associates of Evie Yannakidis

She began working as a development coordinator and graphic designer for Al Roker Entertainment, Inc in August of 2015.

Hana Ramadan

About Hana Ramadan

YouTube star who has used the platform to help viewers understand follow her weight loss path. She has over 10,000 followers on her hanaramadan__ Instagram account.

Early life

Her first YouTube video from January 2015 was called “Everyday Makeup Tutorial | Winged Liner + Nude Lip.”


She has filled her YouTube and Instagram with makeup tutorials.

Family of Hana Ramadan

She posted a photo of her and her best friend Noura Wannouch in March 2018.

Close associates of Hana Ramadan

She and Christine Phamare both YouTube stars who have focused on beauty and weight loss.

Angel Sanchez

About Angel Sanchez

Social media personality who developed a strong following on YouNow where he is known as angelthevisionary.

Early life

Before YouNow and Instagram, he was active on Twitter as early as August of 2015. His first activity was a retweet of a friend s post that read “I love people with contagious laughs.”


He has posted a number of imported videos initially taken through Dubsmash and Triller to his angel_sanchez59 Instagram account that earned more than 20,000 followers. 

Family of Angel Sanchez

He has both a brother and sister with whom he engaged in a balloon fight with in an Instagram video.

Close associates of Angel Sanchez

He is a friend of rapper Miss Mulatto.

Christina Crockett

About Christina Crockett

Social media personality who is known for her sizable following online. She has earned particular renown for her Christina_C YouNow livestreaming account, where she has garnered hundreds of thousands of fans. 

Early life

She joined Twitter, where she began amassing her social media following, in June 2009.


She has also maintained her own self-titled YouTube channel, where she has earned over 180,000 subscribers. 

Family of Christina Crockett

She was born and raised in California. She and Jerry Oseguera, AKA jerrytheeprince, welcomed a daughter named Aria Marie in February 2018. 

Close associates of Christina Crockett

She and fellow social media star Eugenia Cooney are both known for their eclectic blend of YouTube vlogs.