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Regina Murguia

About Regina Murguia

Mexican actress who musician who is best known for her roles in soap operas such as The woman of Judas and TV shows like Until tomorrow is Monday. 

Early life

She was previously a member of the Mexican pop band Jeans.


She has 550,000 total followers on Instagram.

Family of Regina Murguia

She has dated fellow actor Ramiro Tomasini.

Close associates of Regina Murguia

Her fellow bandmates in Jean included Angie Taddei, Karla Diaz-Leal Arreguin, and more.

Gerri Willis

About Gerri Willis

Host of The Willis Report, which aired on Fox Business network.

Early life

She worked as a fiance editor for CNN.


She has written the books The Smart Money Guide to Real Estate Investing and Home Rich.

Family of Gerri Willis

She grew up in North Carolina and graduated from Columbia Business school.

Close associates of Gerri Willis

She is a fan of George Stephanopoulos.

Robin Soderling

About Robin Soderling

Swedish tennis player who turned pro in 2001; he achieved the World No. 4 singles ranking on November 15, 2010.

Early life

He was already playing tennis at the age of five.


He learned to speak three languages: English, Swedish, and German.

Family of Robin Soderling

He married Jenni Mostrom, with whom he had a daughter, Olivia, in 2012.

Close associates of Robin Soderling

He defeated Rafael Nadal at the 2009 French Open.

Wayne Chrebet

About Wayne Chrebet

Wide receiver who played for the New York Jets from 1995 to 2005, compiling 580 career receptions for 7,365 yards and 41 touchdowns.

Early life

He had an illustrious career at Hofstra University, which earned him an induction into the school s Hall of Fame.


He was known by fans as “Mr. Third Down,” because many of his career receptions were first down conversions on third down.

Family of Wayne Chrebet

He was born in Garfield, New Jersey, near where he eventually played his professional football.

Close associates of Wayne Chrebet

After his retirement he began often attending Jets games as a guest of honor of owner Woody Johnson.

Whitney Frost

About Whitney Frost

Content creator on TikTok who rose to fame for sharing her journey with her two terminally ill children. She has built a fan base of more than 850,000 followers on her dub_frost account.

Early life

She began making TikToks in June of 2020 amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.


In October of 2020 she promoted Bang Energy drinks on her TikTok. 

Family of Whitney Frost

She and her husband have three kids and two dogs. 

Close associates of Whitney Frost

In March 2021, she uploaded a TikTok video with “Takin Care of Business,” a song written by Randy Bachman.

Kylie Stokes

About Kylie Stokes

TikTok influencer who is best recognized for sharing comedy clips, lifestyle skits, and a range of tutorial videos that have all contributed to her over 18 million total likes. She is also known for her pranks, Duets, and pink color schemes which she shares for her over 950,000 followers on the app. 

Early life

She first started sharing videos through her TikTok account in March of 2016. She started going viral after a comedy video she posted earned over 500 thousand views in July of 2018. 


She is also an artist and shares her paintings, sculptures, and portraits through her Instagram stories. 

Family of Kylie Stokes

She was born and raised in Georgia and shared a photo with her mother through Instagram in October of 2016. On TikTok, she has uploaded videos with her boyfriend Jon Stapleton.

Close associates of Kylie Stokes

She has shared viral videos featuring the music of Freddie Dredd and Y2K through her TikTok.