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Maddy Ingram

About Maddy Ingram

TikTok star who has gained for the dance and lip sync videos she posts to her maddyybabyy account. Her fans have boosted her to over 900,000 followers on the app. 

Early life

She was a member of her high school cheerleading team.


One of her most popular TikToks features her dancing to the Rihanna song “Pon de Replay.”

Family of Maddy Ingram

Her boyfriend has appeared on her TikTok account. 

Close associates of Maddy Ingram

She posted a dancing duet with TikTok star Charli D Amelio in June 2020.

Ramona Diva

About Ramona Diva

TikTok star who is known for sharing comedy content as well as lifestyle clips featuring her family. She is also a model and vlogger who shares her short sketches and lip synch videos for her over 600,000 fans. 

Early life

She first started uploading videos through her TikTok in October of 2018. She went viral shortly after when a comedy sketch earned her over 30 thousand likes and a ForYou page feature. 


She is also an influencer and ambassador and promotes several brands on her Instagram including Huda Beauty and Vichy. 

Family of Ramona Diva

She is known for being a mom blogger and shared a photo of her son through Instagram in September 2019. 

Close associates of Ramona Diva

She has created viral TikTok videos to the music of artists such as Mero and Mahogany LOX. 

Mei Walters

About Mei Walters

Popular TikTok star, who along with her twin sister Jie, posts dance and comedy videos to their joint thewalters2wins TikTok account. One their thewalters2wins they have accumulated over 3.4 million followers on the platform. 

Early life

She has played basketball for her high school team. 


One of their most popular TikTok videos features her sister surprising her and knocking her over. 

Family of Mei Walters

Her mother has appeared on her meiwalters45 Instagram account. 

Close associates of Mei Walters

She posted an Instagram photo at a Jonas Brothers concert in October 2019. 

Lynsey Eaton

About Lynsey Eaton

Fashion blogger and social media model who is recognized for having launched the fashion and lifestyle site TOMBOY KC. She has gone on to garner more than 30,000 followers on her tomboykc Instagram account.

Early life

She obtained a degree in textiles & apparel and went on to work as a legal associate.


She hosted a meet and greet at the Dallas,TX based retailer Traffic LA at The Joule in 2017.

Family of Lynsey Eaton

She is from the United States.

Close associates of Lynsey Eaton

She showed off a jacket designed by Rebecca Minkoff in early 2017. 

Gaël Jacob

About Gaël Jacob

Social media savant who has built an audience on his Instagram account, jacobs_90, posting hunky photos of himself modeling and out and about. His photos, both home and traveling, have earned him more than 180,000 followers. 

Early life

Though he opened his Twitter in July 2015, he d been posting on Instagram for several years prior. 


Outside his social success, he has become a brand representative for Optigura. 

Family of Gaël Jacob

In honor of his mother s birthday in August 2017, he posted an old photo of them together. 

Close associates of Gaël Jacob

A fan of Tibo InShape, he has worn apparel from the YouTuber s athletic wear line. 

Devi Kinal Putri

About Devi Kinal Putri

Indonesian pop singer and idol who became the headmistress of JKT48 s Academy in April 2018  and the JKT48 s Assistant General Manager in December 2018. 

Early life

She studied Japanese Literature at university. She was one of the first generation members. 


She graduated from JKT48 in December 2018. 

Family of Devi Kinal Putri

She married Geraldi Monterezi Murod on March 9, 2019. 

Close associates of Devi Kinal Putri

She is close friends with Shania Junianatha.